0.25ct SI G/H Lab Diamond Bezel Solitaire Necklace, 10k White Gold 16″


0.25ct Lab Diamond Necklace – Made with a 0.25ct lab grown brilliant cut diamond in a 10k white gold bezel attached to a dainty 0.8mm cable chain 16″.

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0.25ct Diamond Necklace – Made with a 0.25ct lab grown brilliant cut diamond in a 10k white gold bezel attached to a dainty cable chain 16″.

The center diamond is a 0.25ct lab grown diamond with quality SI1/SI2 and G/H color. (NOT a diamond simulant). A .25ct diamond measures approx. 4mm. This is a beautiful dainty diamond necklace.
Lab grown diamonds have the chemical and physical property, hardness (10), durability as a mined diamond as it is the same.
The cable chain is a 0.80mm 10k white gold cable chain.

What are lab grown diamonds?

Naturally formed diamonds crystalize within the earth under extreme pressure and heat and are then brought to the surface by way of a volcano. Diamond growing laboratories re-create the same environment of high heat and pressure to grow diamonds. Because these diamonds are grown in a laboratory, they usually are a finer quality crystal (Type 2A) since there is no unintended gasses or change in temperatures etc that can influence the quality of the crystal. There are two methods of lab grown diamonds HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) and CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition).

Eco friendly and ethically sourced.

Since these diamonds are grown in laboratories, there is no conflict of unethical mining, child or slave labor (aka blood diamonds). It takes huge mines and moving thousands of tons of earth to unearth just 1 ct of diamond ore normally and the environmental impact of traditional mined diamonds are tremendous. Lab grown diamonds are a way to get a beautiful diamond that is ethically sourced, sparkles more and you save money.

Is a lab grown diamond the same as cz or moissanite?

No. Cz and Moissanite are simulants. They are man made, “look alike diamonds” sometimes falsely described as lab diamonds. But do not have the same hardness, chemical structure and properties as diamonds. A lab grown diamond is a man-made diamond which is the same properties as a naturally mined diamond.

What is 10K gold?

This necklace is made from real 10k gold. Fine jewelry is mostly made of 22k, 18k, 14k or 10k gold. Pure 24k gold is alloyed with silver and copper to achieve the hardness desired for jewelry. The higher the gold content, the stronger the yellow color and the softer the metal gets.